Three Spirit Beverages Social Elixir
Three Spirit Beverages Social Elixir
Three Spirit Beverages Social Elixir
Three Spirit Beverages Social Elixir
Three Spirit Beverages Social Elixir

Three Spirit


Social Elixir

1 x 50 cl

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This dark herbal elixir is the ultimate social companion and mood elevator. Natural, blissful feeling with lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate and damiana. Full-bodied and bittersweet with a curious savoury bite.

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Three Spririt are focused on maximizing the functional potency of their drinks, carefully extracting the active compounds from the highest grade, ethically sourced plants they can get their hands on.

Their processes are complex, delicate and take time - maceration, fermentation, distillation, reverse osmosis, freeze-drying, ultrasonic extraction - you
name it, they’re pioneering it.


Fill a tall glass with ice and add 50 ml of Social Elixir. Top with ginger ale and garnish with a slice of ginger.

Shake to awaken. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Reseal after opening and consume within 12 weeks.

Filtered water, agave nectar, botanical extracts of; (caraway seed, damiana leaf, lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate, passion flower, tulsi, cacao bean, green tea), coconut vinegar, molasses, black carrot concentrate, preservative; potassium sorbate, antioxidant; ascorbic acid, vitamins; B3, B6, B7 and B12.


Three Spirit

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Three Spirit was founded in London in 2018 by a blend of plant scientists, world-class bartenders, hedonists, herbalists + artists. They work with leading scientists, herbalists + invest in scientific research. They ask questions, and are always improving.

Alchemy is a celebration of what goes into a drink rather than what is taken out. It’s at the heart of everything that Three Spirit do; from the plants they combine in their drinks, to the blending of minds and different expertise of the people who make them.

"So many non-alcoholic drinks focus on what's missing, our idea was to create a drink where the focus was on what goes IN. We wanted a more creative and positive spin on an alternative to alcohol - why not create something functional with no need for intoxication?"

Dash Lilley, Meeta Gournay + Tatiana Mercer, Co-Founders
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