ASHWA-WOW Superfood Plant Powder.
ASHWA-WOW Superfood Plant Powder.
ASHWA-WOW Superfood Plant Powder.

Kola Goodies


ASHWA-WOW Superfood Plant Powder

100 g

2,100 INR

This 100% ashwagandha root powder from Kola is a stress-fighting warrior. Add it to water, coffee, smoothies or milk as part of your morning ritual and get ready to take on the day.

Here's a secret tip from the founder of Kola Goodies - add it to chilled sparkling water for a nutritive treat on a warm day.

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Ashwa-WOW, Kola's 100% organic ashwagandha root powder is your stress-fighting warrior. Revered as royalty of all adaptogens, it's an Ayurvedic herb used for thousands of years. It helps our bodies resist, adapt to, and protect from mental, physical and emotional stresses. 

- Stress-busting

- Increases Focus

- Increases Energy

To read more about the research backed benefits of Ashwagandha, click here.

Add to water, coffee, smoothies, your choice of milk and chill out.

Organic ashwagandha root powder...and nothing else!


Kola Goodies

2,100 INR

Go-Tu Power Move Superfood Plant Powder

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Inspired by her upbringing in Sri Lanka, Kola Goodies founder, Sajani found herself working long hours in tech and very stressed. She was looking for natural ways to balance and nourish her body and craved this green, healthy, delicious Sri Lankan breakfast drink called Kola Kanda that her Amma (mom) would make for her everyday growing up.

Her quest to solve today's wellness needs naturally, and the opportunity to increase cultural representation in this industry, evolved into our super yummy, ethically-sourced brand you see today. Meet Kola Goodies.

"Kola Goodies is an immigrant, woman-of-color led company with big dreams. We make healthy, yummy beverage blends inspired by & sourced from our roots and partner with farmers to source our ingredients directly."

Sajani, Founder
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