Complex Instant Coffee Box (2 Boxes, 10 individual Packs).
Complex Instant Coffee Box (2 Boxes, 10 individual Packs).

Voila Coffee


Complex Instant Coffee Box (2 Boxes, 10 individual Packs)

2 Boxes, 10 individual Packs

2,200 INR

Voila have achieved the impossible: they’ve created instant coffee that actually tastes good. Their Complex Box is a collection of crowd-pleasers, with a nicely balanced rich, sweet, and fruity taste.

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The coffee for everyone - Complex coffees strike the perfect balance of rich, sweet and fruity qualities - think of it like a three-part harmony! These coffees are typically from Central or South America and roasted "medium". Don't be surprised if you go back for a second or third cup.

Boxes are made from 80% post-consumer-waste recycled paper using wind-power and material is made carbon neutral. Packets are made from 100% compostable material. 


Cure Hydration

2,100 INR

Daily Electrolyte Mix - Matcha Green Tea

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Take everything you know about instant coffee and throw it out the window! Well, keep the part about it being instant... but what if instead of it tasting like the bottom of a cowboy's boot, instead it tasted as good as that pour over from your favorite cafe? That's pretty much what Voilà is all about.

After a two-year path of developing a completely unique processing technique that allows for VOILA to achieve incredible flavors with each coffee used, VOILA was founded with a desire to make specialty coffee approachable and resulting in a clean, transparent, and vibrant filter-style cup of coffee.

"I created Voilà out of a desire to enjoy coffee without compromise anywhere - without having to pack all my brewing equipment around with me. I love to serve others through my church, my friendship, and, of course, through really great coffee."

Kent Sheridan, Founder
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