Energy Supplements (without Caffeine).
Energy Supplements (without Caffeine).
Energy Supplements (without Caffeine).

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Energy Supplements (without Caffeine)

10-Pack, 1-Week Supply

2,800 INR

Your mind is unique. Find My Formula is too. Their Energy supplement is proven to: - Increase energy
- Lift mood
- Decrease procrastination
- Reduce fatigue
- Neuroprotection

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Formula’s Energy product is the go-to on days that you want both a physical and mental energy boost. With this one, you don’t need coffee and can easily get through the day without even a yawn. Think of it as like coffee with stronger, longer-laster, and broader effects, and with fewer downsides!

Zynamite Mangifera Indica Extract (200mg), Theacrine (100mg), Citicoline Sodium (300mg), Sulbutiamine (200mg), L-Theanine (200mg)



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Nootropics are a class of substances that can boost brain performance, gaining the title of "cognition enhancers" and "memory enhancing" substances. At Formula, they honor the unique mind and have built nootropic blends backed by science so you can break through your personal barriers and achieve what you’re after.

"I always struggled with procrastination, staying focused, and being motivated - then I came across nootropics and started the world’s first line of personalized nootropics, Formula. Here’s to your best self, every day."

Dan Freed, Founder and CEO
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