Mayple Pantry Flow State

Flow State


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A ritual curated with Base Body Co, Magic Mind and Find My Formula to get you into successful flow state. Let's get flowing!

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What's in this ritual?

- The Daily by Base Body Co: 60 Daily Vegan Capsules are a blend of herbs which help relax the body and mind. Ashwagandha & L-Tyrosine have been know to help the body to cope with stress & promote a calm state of mind.

- Magic Mind's Productivity Shot (15-Pack): A 2oz energy shot made up of 12 active ingredients designed to stimulate focus, creativity, energy, and motivation while decreasing stress, oxidation, and inflammation in the body.

- Find My Formula's Motivation capsules: A supplement proven to amplify willpower, boost energy, reduce oxidative stress, beat distraction and support habit formation.