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High Rhode.
High Rhode.
High Rhode.

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High Rhode

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High Rhode is a euphoric that uplifts your mood and provides a joyful boost, without any trace of alcohol.

This non-alcoholic refreshment is packed with nootropics, like caffeine and tyrosine, and adaptogens, like rhodoila.

Flavor notes: grounded in an herbaceous palate, Kin High Rhode has notes of earthy florals, tart citrus, and warming spice.

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Kin invented a new category of functional, non-alcoholic beverages called euphorics. High Rhode is a made-to-mix social beverage that awakens your mind and boosts your mood. The perfect complement to any event - think post-dinner social hour or pre-dinner aperitif - High Rhode is a brain-boosting, soul-quenching blend that unlocks a gentle rise and enhanced mood for deeper connections. Its bitterness makes it the perfect base to mix with other juices, sodas, and bitters — similar to how you would make a cocktail.

We recommend serving High Rhode as a base and craft your way like you would a cocktail. Shaken to awaken and pour 2oz over ice in a shaker. Add a juice or soda, bitters, and syrup to taste. Mix well. Top it off with seltzer and garnish like fresh citrus or herbs.

One 2oz serving is enough for most, but you may need 2 or 3. Limit 4 servings in 24 hours. Refrigerate after opening, drink within 14 days for optimal experience, and discard after three weeks. Do not freeze, as this may render it less effective or risk bottle breakage.

Purified water, xylitol, gentian root extract, licorice root extract, orange peel extract, bitter orange extract, citric acid, xanthan gum, acacia gum, potassium sorbate, sea salt.


Kin Euphorics

3,500 INR

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Kin transforms the world’s oldest social ritual, drinking, into a thoughtful act of taking better care of ourselves. They've created a new category of non-alcoholic, adult beverage to the world, dubbed "euphorics," a collection of nootropic + botanic + adaptogenic formulas offering uplifting effects and social benefits.

Kin Euphorics celebrates a daily ritual for modern times, holding the keys to new flowstates that let you unlock a world of deeper connections and more meaningful moments, no matter the occasion. Their drinks are packed with natural adaptogens and botanicals that enhance focus, creativity, and inspire overall good vibes, all while balancing the body’s response to stress, boosting brain power, and lightening the mood.

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Jen's father moonlighted as a distiller of gins, beers, and wines out of their home, inspiring her early on that drinking fosters connections. She then came together with Bella Hadid, global supermodel and activist, to bring Kin.

Jen Batchelor + Bella Hadid
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