Magic Mind Pantry Productivity Pack (30 bottles)
Magic Mind Pantry Productivity Pack (30 bottles)
Magic Mind Pantry Magic Mind Productivity Pack
Magic Mind Pantry Magic Mind Productivity Pack
Magic Mind Pantry Magic Mind Productivity Pack

Magic Mind


Productivity Pack (30 bottles)

30 Bottles

16,200 INR

Introducing the Mayple x Magic Mind Productivity Challenge!

Spring is the perfect time to set new goals or finally take care of lingering tasks. So we’re kicking off April with this new challenge with our friends at @magicmind.

Like Magic Mind, this month is all about doing our best while stressing less. Everyday for one month, we’re challenging you to: ⚡️Make your bed ⚡️Take a shot of Magic Mind after finishing your morning coffee ⚡️Pick the most pressing item on your to-do list, and do it before everything else ⚡️Take a 10 minute walk outside

We want to see you level up your productivity game! Show us how and use the hashtag #MMMProductivityChallenge

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Magic Mind contains a magical combination of 12 active ingredients, scientifically designed to improve energy, improve focus, decrease stress, and improve mood — all things that combined, improve your productivity! 

Made with ingredients and dosages that are safe and effective, Magic Mind utilizes the mood-boosting power of things like turmeric, long-lasting energy effects of matcha green tea, Lion’s Mane mushrooms, and other natural ingredients.

Take alongside your usual morning coffee or tea. Shake. Breathe. Drink. Results will build with consecutive daily use!

Matcha Powder. Honey Powder. Citicholine. Chlorophyllin. Bacopa Extract. Lion's Mane Mushroom. Turmeric Extract. Organic Sunflower Phospholipids w/ Phosphatidylserine. Cordyceps Mushroom Extract. Echinacea Extract. Vitamin C. Vitamin D3. KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract. Black Pepper Extract. Rhodiola Rosea Extract. Stevia. Citric acid. Natural flavors. Potassium sorbate & Sodium Benzoate



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DE-STRESS Superfine Body Oil

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Where magic meets science, Magic Mind (dubbed “Silicon Valley’s new morning elixir” by Forbes) uses the power of green tea's amino acid called L-Theanine, that extends the absorption of caffeine and give you calmness while also keeping you alert.

Magic Mind was designed for long-term boost in cognition, energy, and stress maintenance - it’s not just a fleeting charge up. They recommend taking consistently for 7-10 days for full effect and each shot contains a magical combination of 12 active ingredients designed to stimulate focus, creativity, energy, and motivation while decreasing stress, oxidation, and decreases post-exercise inflammation in the body.

"I was diagnosed with a heart condition and my doctor told me about the two major culprits: stress and caffeine. After 7 years of research into the space of nootropics, adaptogens, and nutritional mushrooms, I’m now sharing this little morning concoction with you, scientifically designed to support focus, calmness, energy, and productivity."

James Beshara, Founder
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