MATCHA Beauty Superfood Packets.
MATCHA Beauty Superfood Packets.
MATCHA Beauty Superfood Packets.

Wholy Dose


MATCHA Beauty Superfood Packets

15 Servings

4,200 INR

This uplifting matcha collagen powder is a beauty boost in a cup.

This matcha, collagen, biotin, and horsetail herb blend from Wholy Dose contains antioxidant and rejuvenating properties to give you a healthy, youthful glow from the inside out.

Wholy Dose uses pure and clean ingredients that are backed by science that offer effective benefits in your health, wellness, and skin, hair, and nail health.

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Nourish and hydrate skin for a healthy glow*

Smoothen skin, even skin texture, reduce wrinkles*

Support strong, growing, hydrated hair, eyelashes, eyebrows*

Reduce nail breakage*

Tighten skin and reduce appearance of cellulite*

Improve immune system, gut health, digestion*

Boost metabolism and energy levels*

Support joint, muscle, and bone health*

Keto friendly flavored drink mix

Drinking Wholy Dose’s collagen daily is clinically proven to improve skin, hair, nails, joints, and overall health in 4-8 weeks

Combine one packet with some hot water (amount to your preference). Mix well until powder is dissolved. Add a splash of warm milk, stir. Stir in sweetener (optional). Enjoy and sip in bliss

Powder dissolves best in hot liquids and when using a blender. For chilled beverages, pour thoroughly mixed preparation over ice. You can also enjoy by making iced matcha lattes, adding to smoothies, chia pudding, oatmeal, or baking!



Wholy Dose

3,100 INR

Unflavored Beauty Superfood Packets

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Wholy Dose is a unique formula of science-backed supplements, giving you everything you need to sip your way towards noticeably better beauty, health and wellness, all in one dose. Clean, pure, without compromise: they took the time to source the highest quality ingredients that work holistically together to maximize results, all backed by science – providing you with the results you deserve, without compromising the taste or means of getting there.

"I realized beauty isn’t about looking the best, it’s about looking and feeling your best. You already have everything you need to feel beautiful and whole from the inside and outside, Wholy Dose is just here to bring that out through supplementation."

Gina Nguyen Holzer, CEO
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