August Feminine Care Day Pads
Day and Night Pads (32-Pack).
Day and Night Pads (32-Pack).
Day and Night Pads (32-Pack).
Day and Night Pads (32-Pack).



Day Pads


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Introducing August's ultra-comfy, 100% organic cotton, and fully biodegradable August pads! The healthy choice for our planet and for YOU!

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Made with sustainable materials from ethical manufacturers, August's 100% organic pads help you through your period while also helping the environment. 

Made with cotton farmed from Mesin, Turkey, August went on a journey to find pesticide-free, chemical-free, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and ethically sourced cotton. Conscious of the footprint they're leaving behind, their cotton is harvested and processed, then hops on a ship to Germany (to be turned into tampons), and to China (to be turned into pads)!

Change these soft, plastic-free pads as needed based on your cycle. The materials made the pad long-lasting and breathable, featuring a backsheet film that reduces heat and moisture for hours!

100% organic cotton. Natural biodegradable fluff pulp. Japanese Sumitomo super absorbent polymer (SAP)

All August products are free of pesticides, herbicides, fragrances, polyester, rayon, deodorants, dioxins, dyes, chemicals
FDA Approved and GOTS certified



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August: Go with the Flow

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August is for anyone who menstruates - regardless of gender, race, culture, abilities and socioeconomic backgrounds. At their core, August believes in sustainability, impact and fostering an inclusive community for all. Sustainability is at the core of August period care, starting from the very beginning of their supply chain.

They aren’t here to just talk about their commitment to impact, they are here to BE about it. They believe that businesses should constantly challenge themselves to be better for people and our planet. Every purchase made with August directly contributes to period poverty reducing initiatives and taking a stand against the “tampon tax” (a sales tax imposed on period products).

"We aim to be a part of this necessary change, which we know requires time, patience and concious curation."

Nick Jain + Nadya Okamoto, Co-Founders
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