Plant People Ritual.

Plant People Ritual


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The best of Plant People all in one! This immunity kit is the boost you need to be your best self.
- Sinus Support
- Clear Focus
- Lung Guard
- Cold Control
- Immune Power

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What's in this ritual?

- Sinus Support, a fast-acting, non-drowsy, year-round, natural nasal and sinus relief. <br>
- Clear Focus, a clinical-strength formula that supports brain function, focus, mood and mental clarity with herbal nootropics, mushrooms, and adaptogens. <br>
- Lung Guard, a formula of research-backed Reishi Mushroom and herbs. Supports energy and oxygen uptake and protects against free radicals, pollutants and environmental stressors. <br>
- Cold Control, a research-backed formula to activate immune response during seasonal changes and promote a healthy microbial environment year-round. <br>
- Immune Power, a foundational, mood and immune support for ultimate vitality with five clinical-grade, certified organic Functional Mushrooms, Astragalus, a potent immune-supporting herb, and Vitamin C. >br>

After traumatic spinal injuries, we both found our way back to health through plant-based healing and realized that people can unlock the power of plants and plants can unlock the potential in people. The entire product family represents our unwavering belief that the answer always lies in nature. Stand tall, stay grounded, root down, branch out. It’s in our nature.

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