Bala Bala Sliders (2-Pack)
Bala Bala Sliders (2-Pack)
Bala Bala Sliders (2-Pack)
Bala Bala Sliders (2-Pack)



Bala Sliders (2-Pack)

Two Sliders

1,600 INR

Bala's Sliders are the perfect addition to your workout routine, whether at home or on the go. From squats and lunges to limitless push-up variations, these 7" sliders help engage your core and intensify your every move.

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Take your workout from home to anywhere you go with these portable seven-inch sliders that support and intensify exercises for your core, abs and glutes!



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At Bala, they believe beautiful, functional fitness accessories will change the way people move. That design alone can inspire movement and genuine product innovation is long overdue. Founded back in 2018, Bala understands that your life includes exercise but is not exclusively defined by it. After all, there’s more than one way to break a sweat and limitless ways to use Bala.

The idea for Bala was sketched out on a napkin after husband and wife duo, Natalie Holloway and Max Kislevtiz, took a yoga class in Southeast Asia that they felt needed a bit more resistance. They inovated the traditional ankle/ wrist weights which eventually led them to partnering with Maria Sharapova and Mark Cuban on Shark Tank and creating the stylish Bala products you see today.

Natalie Holloway, CoFounder
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