The Base Body Co Ritual.

The Base Body Co


The Base Body Co Ritual


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The full Base Body Co collection in one! Featuring The Daily, SuperZen and AfterGlow.

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What's in this ritual? <br>

- The Daily: These Daily Vegan Capsules are a blend of herbs which help relax the body and mind. Ashwagandha & L-Tyrosine have been know to help the body to cope with stress & promote a calm state of mind. <br>

- Super Zen: A fast-acting, blend of certified organic adaptogens, perfectly blended with Organic Raw Cacao for your new daily ritual that supports your body’s ability to manage daily stress and feelings of anxiety. <br>

- AfterGlow: Combining the purest source of high-quality, hydrolysed collagen from The Base Body Co. They use sustainably-sourced Marine collagen resulting in improved digestibility and increased bioavailability. Tremella Mushroom for superior hydration. Five potent antioxidant-rich berries, including Australia Kakadu plum.

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With plant-based formulas designed for stress relief and all-around wellness, The Base Body Co is here to help guide your way back to balance.

They believe in the power of plant-based products as an essential resource to help lighten the friction that everyday's ins-and-outs places on your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. Base Body Co is committed to the highest standard of quality. Every one of their active powders are designed and crafted in Australia from premium 100% natural ingredients.

"The Base Body Co. was born from my experience — stressed and burnt out from demands of big city living. A craving for self-care grew deeper, leading me on a exploration for natural antidotes and rituals. Each formulation is inspired by a need; either it isn’t being made or there isn’t a version to my standard of efficacy and purity."

Sara Ayres, Founder
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