Leah's Skincare Ritual.
Leah's Skincare Ritual.
Leah's Skincare Ritual.
Leah's Skincare Ritual.
Leah's Skincare Ritual.

Leah's Skincare Ritual


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A skincare ritual curated by our very own Director of Partnerships, Leah!
She starts with Romer's Cleanse, a clean and gentle facial cleanser followed with Shayde Beauty's brightening serum for a natural glow. Nama Fiji's Face Cream locks in the moisture finishing off the ritual and is complemented by Blume's Stargirl facial mist throughout the day!

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What's in this ritual? 

- Romer's Cleanse is a nourishing gel-oil cleanser that locks in moisture with powerful humectants like Manuka Honey, soothes irritation and redness with calming botanicals like Calendula and Aloe, and replenishes dull, sleep-deprived skin with antioxidant Green Tea and energizing Coffee.

- Shayde Beauty's Brightening Serum is a non-irritating antioxidant serum to help brighten, smooth, and firm your skin made with a blend of Vitamin C, Green Tea and Kojic Acid

- Nama Fiji's Face Cream is an all-day face cream that has soothing and emollient (softening) benefits, with anti-inflammatory properties for calming redness

- Blume's Stargirl Facial Mist includes a rich combination of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients like Blue Tansy and Rose Water to prevent acne and bacteria build-up



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