Kin Euphorics Mind Body Reset

Kin Euphorics


Mind Body Reset

1 x 4-pack Lightwave, 1 x 4-pack Kin Spritz, 1 x High Rhode, 1 x Dream Light

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Level Up Your Life in 2022 With Kin.

How we're planning to use the Mind Body Reset? Glad you asked.
1. Swap out morning coffee with energizing and motivating Kin Spritz to take on work, school, cleaning, errands, or whatever’s on your agenda!
2. Swap out a glass of wine after a long day with Kin Lightwave to help calm your mind and relax.
3. Swap out pre-workout or energy drinks with Kin Spritz before heading to the gym or outdoor workout to boost your energy.
4. Swap out tea before your mid-day meditation with Kin Dream Light to decrease anxiety and bring equilibrium to your mind and body.
5. Swap out your fave cocktail with High Rhode while hanging out with friends to boost social energy!

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Kin was born as an experiment. Made to transform the world’s oldest social ritual, drinking, into a conscious act of better being. Finding its roots in the Greek “euphoros”—meaning as its for a state of wellbeing—Kin exists to help us all find true balance, and elevate our sense of selves and the world we interact with.

The Mind Body Reset includes:
Kin Spritz, a brain booster to activate your creativity and rise to any social occasion.
Lightwave, a braincare tool to calm your mind. A sippable mediation!
High Rhode, your happy hour BFF as it gets you ready to connect with fellow kindlings.
Dream Light, which helps you quiet your mind as you drift off to dreamland!

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Kin transforms the world’s oldest social ritual, drinking, into a thoughtful act of taking better care of ourselves. They've created a new category of non-alcoholic, adult beverage to the world, dubbed "euphorics," a collection of nootropic + botanic + adaptogenic formulas offering uplifting effects and social benefits.

Kin Euphorics celebrates a daily ritual for modern times, holding the keys to new flowstates that let you unlock a world of deeper connections and more meaningful moments, no matter the occasion. Their drinks are packed with natural adaptogens and botanicals that enhance focus, creativity, and inspire overall good vibes, all while balancing the body’s response to stress, boosting brain power, and lightening the mood.

Growing up in Saudi Arabia, Jen's father moonlighted as a distiller of gins, beers, and wines out of their home, inspiring her early on that drinking fosters connections. She then came together with Bella Hadid, global supermodel and activist, to bring Kin.

Jen Batchelor + Bella Hadid
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