Earth & Star Candy & Chocolate Salty Chocolate Bar
Earth & Star Candy & Chocolate Salty Chocolate Bar

Earth & Star


Salty Dark Chocolate Bar


8,200 JPY

Banish brain fog and fung’n focus with a high-functioning snack that loves you back. This dark chocolate + functional mushroom extracts is a match made in heaven and are known to improve memory, boost concentration and support cognitive function. Lift the morning fog.

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Did you know that even smelling coffee can change the way your brain functions? Whether it's for the antioxidants or the energy boost, coffee is the world’s most widely used superfood. And lucky for you, this brew is blended with adaptogens, which means no crash and no jitters.

Cacao, Cacao Butter, Coconut Palm Sugar, L-Theanine, Lions Mane.



3,000 JPY

Ghia Spritz Soda (4-Pack)

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At Earth and Star, the future is fungi! They bring you your daily dose of organic mushroom extracts in delicious and easy to consume ways. Using only 100% fruiting body extracts from the mushrooms, Earth and Star doesn't add any starch, mycelium, or grain - and all their products are 100% organic & plant-based. No powders, pills or prep needed!

"As longtime wellness enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we're on a constant quest to find what actually works to improve your health, and we couldn't be more excited about functional mushrooms.

We created earth & star to deliver these incredible benefits to you in the products that you already use every day, all in the name of helping you function just a little bit better."

Zoe + Erica, Founders
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