Dada Daily Candy & Chocolate Schisandra Dark Chocolate Petite Bars
Dada Daily Candy & Chocolate Schisandra Dark Chocolate Petite Bars
Dada Daily Candy & Chocolate Schisandra Dark Chocolate Petite Bars

Dada Daily


Schisandra Dark Chocolate Petite Bars


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Don't you just hate those people who claim they are "satisfied with one square of chocolate"?! Yea, us too. Now you can have your daily dose of chocolate already portioned out for your ultimate satisfaction. The right amount of schisandra to be the perfect nightcap to your day; with schisandra berries helping to de-stress and calm the body.

Contains 3 individually wrapped 'petite' bars of chocolate

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DADA Daily aims to bridge the gap between the fashion and food worlds: elevating healthy snacking to an artful event. With 0g of sugar, these dark chocolate bars contain powerful antioxidants that help reduce stress and are vegan, nut-free & anti-Inflammatory - and of course, super chic.

Why We Love These Bars:
- 0g of Sugar 
- Helps Reduce Stress 
- Contains Powerful Antioxidants 
- Anti-Inflammatory 
- Vegan 
- Nut Free 

Cocoa Nibs, Coconut Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Schisandra Berry Powder, Cinnamon, Sea Salt


Kin Euphorics

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DADA is about breaking the rules. Challenging what is decadence? Where can it be found in our daily life? How effortlessly can it elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary? They are about bringing decadence to the table; empowering you to entertain your loved ones, your senses and youself.

Through functional objects that are both works of art and entertaining tools, DADA enlivens your imagination, inspires joy and creates the feeling of the eternal cocktail party. Inspired by the DADA art movement, they are rebelling against the status quo. Who says decadence is occasional?

Claire Olshan has an insatiable appetite for all things aesthetic, and health and wellness. In 2012, Claire founded Fivestory, the go-to shop to find emerging designers with a whimsical approach to dressing up. Claire has always supported those that think out of the box and weave a sense of play into their work. DADA Daily bridges the gap between the fashion and food worlds.

Claire Olshan, Founder
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