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Why You Should Curate Your Countertop


It’s often the first thing we do in the morning: roll out of bed, make our way to the washroom, and look in the mirror. Perhaps you’re one who inspects the promised results of that luxurious sleeping mask, or maybe you’re just happy you remembered to take your makeup off in a drowsy daze. Truth is, we all like to start our day with everything we need within arm’s reach (set to the tune of our favorite playlist and seasoned with a shimmy or two in the mirror). But beyond the early hours, we revisit that same spot throughout the day, passing the bathroom counter for makeup touch-ups, washing hands, and finally unwinding at night, hopefully with a skincare ritual. Your counter serves as the stage for your daily routines, and though the “shelfie” has gotten a lot of press as of late, we think that a well-curated countertop is the more impactful way to set yourself up for success. A few simple tweaks to your space will create an environment that soothes and inspires, while still capturing you

Start with Simplicity

Think of your countertop as your zen garden - it is, in fact, the backdrop for so many daily meditations. Start by clearing off all clutter, and products that you don’t use at least daily if not twice a day. Minimize loud or competing packaging to let hero products shine. Things like cotton pads and q-tips can be taken out of their original bags and stored in glass jars or repurposed containers. Now, the expensive moisturizer or favorite perfume stands out (and do make sure any skincare products are able to stay cool and dry). Try not to double up on products on your curated counter - you don’t need two different deodorants at the ready, or several lipsticks sitting out. The product selection should stick to your core routine, anything you can’t live without. 

Add Special Touches

Simplifying your counter does not mean everything must be completely functional. If you have the room, a special crystal object or a tray brought from a family home can add personalization, and make the space feel like more than just where you get ready. Layering in aesthetic touches is what takes your counter into photo-ready mode, as seen on Instagram and Pinterest. And if there’s a particularly indulgent or new product you’re excited about, feel free to put it on display (we just don’t need to see your entire arsenal of serums, those can go in the medicine cabinet). General beauty tools like tweezers and makeup sponges can be stored to be brought out when necessary.

Bring in Outside Inspiration

Finally, bring in certain products that remind you of where you’ve been, and of your homes away from home. If your favorite hotel has a signature scent you’ll never forget, consider sourcing the hand soap or room spray to add that sensory element to your everyday life. A set of linen hand towels brought back from a market you visited abroad show up well in a rolled or folded stack. If you’re the only one of your friends who has that hard-to-find toiletry, even better. By finding ways to add moments of nostalgia to this space you’re in and out of throughout the day, you’ll bring a little excitement to the mundane tasks. 

We always think of skincare as self care, but curating the space where it takes place is also a form of self care. Not everyone finds the act of organization satisfying, but the end result is undeniable: a countertop that’s free of excess clutter, makes the room yours, and has the important things right on hand. It might even be worth posting. 

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