Hand Soap Refills (16 Pods).
Hand Soap Refills (16 Pods).

The Daily Routine


Hand Soap Refills (16 Pods)

4x Coconut Husk Hand Wash Pods

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Run out of Pods? Top up with The Daily Routine's Refill Packs, packaged in compostable rustic pouches. Say goodbye to grimey bars with The Daily Routine's foaming hand soap. A perfect addition to your bathroom or kitchen, simply fill with hot water and drop in two pods for 450ml of scented soap to wash away dirt and cleanse your hands!

- 100% plastic free pods
- Cruelty-free & vegan
- Clean & plant based ingredients
- Designer bottles, made in Australia
- Money-back guarantee

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What’s included:

  • Each pack contains 4x Coconut Husk Foaming Hand Wash Pods (equivalent to two bottles of hand wash!)

1. Fill our reusable Keeper bottle with hot tap water (not boiling) up to the line on the bottle
2. Drop in two pods and let the bottle rest with the lid off for one minute
3. This is the fun part! Screw the lid on and shake bottle until the pods are fully dissolved
4. Voila! Your Daily Routine hand wash is ready to be pumped

Pods are made from a water-soluble and biodegradable film PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol). PVOH is safe, environmentally friendly, odourless, biodegradable and non-toxic.


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Many hand washes exist! The Daily Routine knows this. But, few are eco-friendly, affordable and actually cleanse well. Not to mention...they look absolutely gorgeous next to your sink?! The Daily Routine creates hand soap packaged in biodegradable pods that are made up from the most advanced up-and-coming water-soluble technology.

"It all began way back when two environmentally-conscious best friends became housemates and after a few months of living together, we were horrified at the amount of household waste we were producing every week. We were in the middle of popping a washing pod in our dishwasher when it dawned on us: What if we created pods for hand wash? Just like that, The Daily Routine was born."

Nat & Ruby, Founders
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