Black Spruce Body Oil.
Black Spruce Body Oil.
Black Spruce Body Oil.
Black Spruce Body Oil.
Black Spruce Body Oil.

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Black Spruce Body Oil

3.4 Oz

Per use - 1.44 USD

72 USD

A light oil that quickly absorbs into the skin, providing moisture for the body & face, while calming the mind and body as a whole.

- soothing and grounding aromatherapy benefits
- ability to moisturize without feeling too heavy
- smells like: black spruce, frankincense, and rosewood

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Berlin Skin exists to help others find healing and health for their skin, but also to inspire more peace into all aspects their lives — including their homes.

Their Black Spruce Body Oil is a euphoric blend of frankincense, black spruce and blue tansy essential oils that come together to soothe and relax the senses. Grape seed and jojoba oil quickly absorb into dull, dry skin — providing immense moisture for the entire body.

For its incredible ability to uplift and calm the mind, this is one you'll be reaching for again and again in your self-care routine.

After showering and/or shaving, drop a generous amount into cupped hands, take 3 deep breaths, then apply to entire body.

Grape Seed Oil. Jojoba Oil. Black Spruce Essential Oil. Frankincense Essential Oil. Blue Tansy Essential Oil.


Berlin Skin

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