Cloud 9 Cramp Oil.
Cloud 9 Cramp Oil.
Cloud 9 Cramp Oil.



Cloud 9 Cramp Oil


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This soothing blend of essential oils is a natural remedy for cramps, mood swings, cravings and bloating. With clary sage, peppermint, lemon, bergamot and more, Blume created this super blend so you can (literally) roll your PMS pains away.

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With the power of clary, sage, peppermint, lemon, bergamot and more, this super blend of essential oils is a natural remedy for cramps, mood swings, cravings and bloating.

- Vegan
- Cruelty Free and Gluten Free.
- No Added Fragrance
- Travel-friendly glass tube fits in a carry-on

For the beneficial health effects of essential oils, check out this scientifically proven study

ROLL IT: Apply in 5-10 circular motions directly on wrists, temples, neck or abdomen where you feel cramps.
RUB IT: Blend it into skin with your fingers to really absorb the scent.
RELAX: Sit back and let the oils do the work. Finally! A natural remedy for period pain.

A warm, soothing sedative that calms inflammation.

Perks up the senses while fighting muscle spasms + relieving nausea. Pro tip: pairs perfectly with a heat pack for extra warmth activation.

Instantly lifts your mood and eases your achy head.

Helps to fight down days and anxious feelings.

Enhances your ever-changing mood while fighting fatigue.

Ingredients: jojoba*, essential oils*: clary sage*, peppermint*, geranium*, bergamot*, lemon*, non-gmo vegetable source vitamin e– * organic



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Meltdown Acne Oil

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Blume was created to make self care easier and healthier, while destigmatizing normal things like acne, puberty, periods and sex ed. They're here to protect and nurture, and shift the narrative away from perfect skin and towards healthy skin.

Many brands, especially in period care, carry products that take centuries to biodegrade with ingredients we can’t pronounce. Blume is different and believes in products that are good for your body and the environment.

Meet Taran and Bunny. Two sisters who asked themselves a couple questions which led to the creation of Blume. Why does the world treat periods so weird, maybe even wrong? Is the silent treatment society gives periods and puberty, somehow connected to the shame girls grow up feeling about their bodies?

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