Cocoa Eye Butter.
Cocoa Eye Butter.
Cocoa Eye Butter.
Cocoa Eye Butter.
Cocoa Eye Butter.

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Cocoa Eye Butter

1.7 Oz

Per use - 1.36 USD

68 USD

An eye butter that moisturizes, protects and assists in preventing future signs of aging!
- a lightweight, velvety texture with the ability to keep the skin dewy day and night
- smells like chocolate
- a little goes a long way!

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Berlin Skin exists to help others find healing and health for their skin, but also to inspire more peace into all aspects their lives — including their homes.

This Cocoa Eye Butter is a deeply moisturizing treatment for the skin around the eyes, face, and neck. Packed full of cocoa butter, vitamin c, chamomile, gotu kola, carrot seed, and other healing plant-based oils that leave your skin feeling continuously soft and smooth.

Gently dab around the eyes and other dry areas of the face and neck. May be used both morning and night and layered together with other creams.

Organic Cocoa Butter. Organic Coconut Oil. Carrot Seed Oil. Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil. Organic Aloe Vera. Vitamin C. Evening Primrose Oil. Chamomile. Organic Gotu Kola.


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