Coffee & Cocoa Adaptogenic Cereal (4-pack).

Off Limits


Coffee & Cocoa Adaptogenic Cereal (4-pack)


20 USD

1 bowl of DASH coffee-infused cereal from Off Limits = 15 mg of caffeine from micro-roasted coffee beans.

Organic cocoa & micro-roasted coffee from Intelligentsia are paired with a base of organic oat, rice, and coconut flour for a lightly sweetened, plant-based treat.

The best part? It turns the milk into cold brew.

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If your childhood cereal got a remix. Why make cereal and coffee separately when you could have them both in one bowl?

Off Limits believes in using whole ingredients and creating a product that's not only healthy but fun! Enjoy this cereal whenever you'd like - nothing is Off Limits. 


Off Limits

20 USD

Vanilla & Pandan Adaptogenic Cereal (4-pack)

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Unlike what you typically find in the cereal aisle, Off Limits give the middle finger to breakfast as we know it, bringing you all the fun & flavor with none of the artificial ingredients commonly found in cereal!

Other "healthy cereals" tend to make miraculous wellness claims like 'zero sugar' or a million grams of protein, but those brands are just perpetuating the oldest trick in the book: you’re not good enough, but if you buy our product then you will be. OffLimits isn't here to put you in a box. Boxes are for cereal, and our cereal isn't telling you what to do. They use real ingredients for real people and invite you to break the rules with them.

"In a world full of rules, let's do what's Off Limits."

Emily Miller, Founder & Author of *Breakfast*
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