CSERA Complete Restore.
CSERA Complete Restore.

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CSERA Complete Restore

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Optimize your complexion (and so much more!) from the inside with this age-reversing collagen formulation that actually works!

We swear by Adour and Kin's sustainably sourced, naturally-derived CSERA to give our bodies a collagen boost and reverse aging in hair, skin, nails.

CSERA Complete Restore is a science-backed ingestible cosmetic that contains a blend of clinically validated natural extracts, sourced from the world's leading producers of high purity nutraceuticals.

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Unique, pure and potent.

Adour and Kin works directly with select manufacturers of raw materials located in Japan, Sweden, Italy and France - established industry experts who have developed advanced proprietary clean-technology extraction methods to deliver the world’s most potent standardized ingestible cosmeceutical extracts.

Sourced from France:
- CSERA Complete Restore contains Freshwater Collagen Peptides to safely improve skin moisture and elasticity, and reduce the appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles.
- Red Grape Skin Extract is standardized to resveratrol using a proprietary extraction process that maintains the whole-food matrix.
- Grape Seed Extract standardized to OPCs shown to help protect against oxidative stress, tissue damage and inflammation.

Sourced from Italy:
- Nerina Strawberry Extract a near extinct wild ‘black’ strawberry cultivated for its concentrated levels of vitamin C.
- Black Elderberry Extract standardized to anthocyanin content and shown to facilitate blood flow to the outer layer of skin resulting in elasticity and fullness.

Sourced from Sweden:
- Freshwater Micro Algae as Astaxanthin providing a highly effective defense against oxidative stress and cellular inflammation.

Sourced from Japan:
- Sakura Extract from the Cherry Blossom possess an anti-glycation effect through an ability to reduce AGE production and the loss of skin fibroblast cells needed for collagen formation.
- Rice Extract as Ceramide, a potent extract clinically proven to replenish ceramide levels – improving the health and appearance of skin, and restoring its protective out-er barrier.
- Tuna Elastin Peptides shown in recent studies to improve skin appearance, elasticity and reduce wrinkle visibility.

Made in Australia | Mindfully Sourced 

Add one heaped teaspoon (4.5g) of powder to 250ml of any liquid, stir for ten seconds and then drink. Take once or twice daily. CSERA Complete Restore can be taken any time of day, but for optimal results first thing in the morning and 30 minutes before bed is recommended.

Works best coupled with a nutritious diet and adequate physical exercise. Not recommended if pregnant or for children under 15 years.

Freshwater Collagen Peptides (France), Nerina Strawberry Extract (Italy), Red Grape Skin Extract (France), Black Elderberry Extract (Italy), Freshwater Micro Algae as Astaxanthin (Sweden), Grape Seed Extract (France), Sakura Extract (Japan), Rice Extract as Ceramide (Japan), Tuna Elastin Peptides (Japan)


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Adour and Kin is an Australian health and lifestyle brand founded on the maxim that ageless beauty, optimal vitality and lasting wellness can be achieved through the mindful use of pure and potent nutraceuticals. Their formulations are gifted by nature, driven by established and emerging science, and made possible with recent advances in technology.

They believe that beauty, optimal vitality and lasting wellness can be achieved through the mindful use of pure and potent nutraceuticals. Following more than a year of development, we launched with CSERA Complete Restore – a powerful nutricosmetic with an impressive ingredient list and remarkable provenance.

Adour and Kin has taken the step of being 100% transparent – a complete list of ingredients is provided and encourage their clients to learn and appreciate the origin and effectiveness of each ingredient included, sourced from the world’s leading suppliers of clinically validated cosmeceuticals.

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