Small-Batch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Small-Batch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
Small-Batch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Herb & Olive


Small-Batch Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

400 ml

37 USD

Get ready to discover what real olive oil tastes like. Herb & Olive's Organic EVOO is single sourced from a family farm in Northern California and every bottle of Organic EVOO is made from natural ingredients and pure intentions to elevate your mind, body and cooking experiences.

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Herb & Olive Organic EVOO is high in polyphenols, which are like supercharged antioxidants that help the body with:

Daily consumption of high phenolic EVOO is known to demonstrate a number of health benefits including:

- Reducing blood pressure
- Reducing blood sugar
- Reducing high cholesterol levels

To read more about the health benefits of high phenolic EVOO, click here.

This olive oil pairs well with pretty much anything. Try it with sautéed vegetables, drizzled on meats, cooked with eggs, in pesto or salad dressings. Bread dips and spoonfuls are highly encouraged.


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Herb & Olive’s ethos from the start has been to source only the finest ingredients, because David’s standards for the food he eats is high. Having gone through the ringer managing Crohn’s the first couple years, he’s figured out a routine that works for him. Much of that routine was to cut out poor quality food and to treat the body and mind as one. He’s also managed to put the disease into remission without reliance on western medication.

Herb & Olive was born. They source their extra virgin olive oil from a small organic family farm in Northern California. The family is great, David went up to meet them in person last year, and was lucky enough to try some unfiltered arbequina olive oil.

"Seek knowledge with a childlike curiosity and question everything you’ve been told. If open, you’ll discover many of the paradigms we’ve been taught are flawed. Don’t be afraid to ask ‘why’, and always trust your body and intuition."

David Zimmerman, Founder
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