Huron Bundles Huron 'Ultimate' Ritual
Mayple Bundles Huron 'Ultimate' Ritual
Mayple Bundles Huron 'Ultimate' Ritual
Mayple Bundles Huron 'Ultimate' Ritual
Mayple Bundles Huron 'Ultimate' Ritual



Huron 'Ultimate' Ritual


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Wash. Moisturize. Protect. Repair.

This ritual features all of the award-winning, high-performance grooming products by Huron, that will leave both your head and body feeling fresh, day after day.

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Whats in the ritual?

1 x shampoo + 1 x conditioner: hydrate, smooth and moisturize hair and scalp.

1 x Body wash: Refreshes as it deep cleans, deodorizes and conditions.

1 x Eye Stick 2.0: Energizes and moisturizes on contact and works to alleviate dark circles and smooth fine lines over time. 

1 x Face Moisturiser: Instantly soothes while super-hydrators such as sodium hyaluronate and pentavitin provide long-term dryness relief. Formula smooths the look of fine lines while protecting from environmental pollutants. 

1 x Face Wash: Gentle enough to use twice daily, the creamy wash whisks away daily dirt, oil, sweat and impurities. 

1 x Hair styler: Versatile grooming cream conditions and smoothes as it adds texture and a light, flexible hold.



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The Blume Skincare Ritual

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Huron was founded to to help you look out for the guy in the mirror. They makes the internet's best-smelling men's products - all 100% vegan, with no harmful chemicals and made in the USA.

Whether at home, at the gym, or on the road, Huron has got the goods you need to ensure that you’re looking great and feeling fresh, day after day. Their award-winning products for men's skin and body care keep it clean, smooth, moisturized and protected - and won't cost an arm and a leg.

"Growing up, I was the kid with bad skin. Finally, in my late 20s, I began to experiment with some more premium products and my skin started to respond positively. But I couldn’t justify spending $70 or more on personal care products. The spark was there – to create a brand that offered products that would work just as well as super-premium brands but offered at approachable price points."

Matt Mullenax, Founder and CEO
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