Ghia Food and Beverage Ghia Spritz Soda (4-Pack)
GHIA Food and Beverage Ghia Spritz Soda (4-Pack)
GHIA Food and Beverage Ghia Spritz Soda (4-Pack)
GHIA Food and Beverage Ghia Spritz Soda (4-Pack)



Ghia Spritz Soda (4-Pack)

8 fl oz

22 USD

Ghia's signature bitter apéritif, but spritzed! Made with Ghia's signature blend of natural nervines concocted to soothe the mind and bring the body back from burnout. Made with fragrant rosemary sprigs, twists of yuzu, and orange. Non-alcoholic.

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All the spirit with none of the booze! Because Ghia believes a real drink is made of real ingredients, powerful enough to bring out the best version of you. Crack it open, turn on the music, taste the bite, enjoy the night with this non-alcoholic spritz with a great supply all of the herbal flavors and fun of casual imbibing, but without the effects of alcohol (i.e. no headache or hangover).

Water, Riesling White Grape Juice Concentrate, Yuzu Juice, Lemon Balm Extract, Elderflower Extract, Gentian Root Extract, Fig Concentrate, Orange Peel Extract, Rosemary Extract, Acacia Ginger Extract, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color.



40 USD

Ghia Apéritif

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Ghia is a new-age, non-alcoholic beverage brand inspired by the low-ABV aperitifs founder Melanie Masarin’s grandmother used to serve during summers spent by the Mediterranean Sea. Ghia is an elevated option that can be enjoyed on its own over rocks, or combined with ingredients of your choice. You can even use it as a mixer for spirits!

"Drinking transports you to a space that’s about simple pleasures. It’s about being together. Connecting. Letting loose. Laughing. Savoring great music and even better friends. We wanted to make a drink that would take you to this place without numbing the night; a drink you’d remember in the morning."

Melanie, Founder + CEO
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