Organic Tampons.
Organic Tampons.
Organic Tampons.



Organic Tampons


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These tampons have no mystery ingredients and are available in both super and regular with a compact, bio-plastic applicator so you can use the products right for you.

Blume's tampons are safe, sustainable, and organic - and made of ingredients you can actually pronounce, like 100% organic cotton.

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Blume is setting a new standard for skin, body and period care. Founded by two sisters who believe that products should be good for your body and for the environment, these tampons have a soft outer layer + an absorbent and leak-proof inner layer.

- 100% chemical-free - no harmful bleaches or dyes
- Woven for maximum absorbency
- 100% certified organic cotton
- Biodegradable and hypoallergenic
- BPA Free + FDA Approved

A scientific study was done that uncovered many harmful chemicals found in traditional menstrual products, specifically tampons. Read their findings here.

100% organic cotton and 100% chemical free - no harmful bleaches or dyes!




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