Redee Patch ( 6-Pack).
Redee Patch ( 6-Pack).
Redee Patch ( 6-Pack).
Redee Patch ( 6-Pack).



Redee Patch 24-Patches

24 patches

48 USD

A science-backed patch to prevent Alcohol Flush.

Over 560 million people experience alcohol flush when they drink. To combat this problem, Redee has worked with the best alcohol metabolism researchers in the country to create Redee Patch!

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Developed by the world’s leading alcohol metabolism experts, Redee Patch is powered by science, packed with natural vitamins, antioxidants, and plant extracts. Their formula counteracts the unhealthy toxin buildup that causes alcohol flush before it gets real.

1. Stick 2 patches on your upper body.
2. Wait about 30 minutes before drinking.
3. That's it! Enjoy your night without the flush.

Glutathione, NAC, l-theanine, Vitamin C and B Complex, Alpha-lipoic acid, Holy Basil extract, milk thistle extract, and Cosmoperine®.



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Redee is made to help those who turn beet red, hot, and nauseous after just a couple sips of alcohol by reducing the toll that alcohol takes on the body, so that everyone can enjoy drinking in a healthier way. With Redee, take control and confidently enjoy your drinks without alcohol flush reaction (a.k.a. "Asian glow" or "Asian flush") with natural and safe ingredients.

Redee was started by real people who were tired of dealing with alcohol flush after just a few sips of their drink. They wanted a healthy, effective, safe, and convenient solution, so they created one. Their first product, Redee Patch, has already helped 30,000+ people. It contains all the ingredients your body needs to fight the flush and support healthy liver enzyme activity in a patch, and is proudly manufactured in Ohio.

"I started Redee because like 600 million others, I suffer from Alcohol Flush Reaction. It was tough - or should I say impossible - for me to enjoy a drink and a night with friends and family when I was beet red, hot, and nauseous after just a couple sips. At Redee, my goal is to create solutions that help you drink healthier and celebrate life with those you love more often.

Ryan L, Founder
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