Herb + Flora Vitamins & Supplements Wellbel Men
Herb + Flora Vitamins & Supplements Wellbel Men
Herb + Flora Vitamins & Supplements Wellbel Men
Herb + Flora Vitamins & Supplements Wellbel Men



Wellbel Men

90 capsules

Per use - 2.33 USD

70 USD

Wellbel men is a drug-free, clean supplement formulated to provide the benefits of finasteride without concern of sexual side effects.

Wellbel men supports hair growth using a multipronged approach with vitamins and minerals that support hair integrity—new hair growth, thickness, and the overall health of your hair.

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Wellbel Glamlab works for all hair types and textures and helps balance hormones, keeping hair growing only where you want it.

Wellbel’s mission is to use the right therapeutic dosing of the highest quality ingredients to ensure a beautiful glow to your skin.

Wellbel is a single dose of 3 odorless and tasteless capsules taken once a day. We recommend taking with food for optimal absorption. An alternative is to open up the capsules and add them to a favorite smoothie.



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Wellbel His + Hers Duo

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Wellbel stands for fewer ingredients and greater results. Honing in on the perfect dosage, they focus on effective, pure, clinically-validated ingredients that work. Their vegan formula is the solution for all women and men.

At Wellbel, they believe in quality over quantity. They stand for fewer ingredients, lower cost, and less worry, creating greater value, higher quality, and more confidence.

"Wellbel was created with the goal of making science accessible. Our greatest focus has been to create a formula that is evidence based, using the right combinations of the highest quality ingredients for tangible and long lasting results."

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